“I’d like to get it so it’d be like a national monument or something so it’d stay there forever. I’m probably dreaming there, but… Y’know, I just like skating and I like building. And this is the place to do it for me.” From Mark Scott’s lips to the skate gods’ ears.

This full-length, highly-anticipated, deep-diving doc checks out the early days of the do it yourself skatepark motion and highlights the commitment of the real concrete pioneers, Red and Monk. Relive the birth of Burnside in this gorgeous documentary total with unusual video, touching interviews, and the most impressive occasions.

All informed, Grindland is a tender homage to neighborhood, interest, and the monoliths skating’s developed. An instantaneous classic. Dedicated to the memory of Preston Maigetter, Jake Phelps, and Mark Hubbard.

“And all the skaters who build skateparks.”  

The release accompanies Thrasher Magazine’s turning point 500th problem. Here’s to 500 more.