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A Guide to Picking the Right Skateboard Size ⋆ SKATE NEWSWIRE

A Guide to Picking the Right Skateboard Size ⋆ SKATE NEWSWIRE

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When it pertains to picking the best skateboard size, it’s mostly about the width of the board. 

The width plays a substantial function in how steady or loose your board feels, how simple it is to land your feet, and just how much force you’ll require to start techniques. 

So, understand that from the dive. 

Along with the width, there are numerous other sizes and measurements that affect a board’s total efficiency. 

These products are: the length of the board, it’s wheelbase, wheel size and durometer, truck size, and concavity. 

As most skaters will keep their boards for a very long time, it’s great to understand simply what size board you need to invest your cash on prior to making the dedication to buying one. 

The more you understand about essential skateboarding measurements, the much better ready you’ll be throughout your board search and in updating or exchanging parts later. 

By completion of this guide, you’ll understand simply how to measure a skateboard and quickly discover one that’s right for you.

Width: Mainly, It’s Personal Preference

Most decks been available in at 7.5”-8.5” large with boards on both sides having specific advantages and disadvantages. 

Boards on the smaller sized end, those around 7.25”-7.5”, are strong choices for the smaller sized feet of more youthful riders. Generally speaking, these boards are best matched for kids under the age of 5. 

Children ages 6-10 will generally benefit the most from boards at 7.5”-7.75”.

There are some grownups, nevertheless, who pick to ride 7.75” boards, frequently since they take pleasure in the light-weight feel when carrying out techniques. Still, for the majority of grownups, an 8.0” and above is the optimum option. 

Wider boards like these have more stability and more space for your feet to arrive on. And, being older and more powerful, doing flip techniques will be simpler. 

Most pros ride 8.0”-8.5” boards. Depending on their design, nevertheless, this might vary. 

For example, vert skaters like Tony Hawk, Danny Way, and Bob Burnquist frequently press 8.5” and greater. Nijah Huston, on the other hand, who does more street skating, mostly flights an 8.125”.

Really, it boils down to you and your individual choices.

And if you don’t understand what you choose, the very best method to discover is to check out a couple of boards at your regional store if you can. 

If not, it’s all great. The details in this guide will assist you make a notified choice. You’ll read those item descriptions like an Amazon wizard.


The length of your board procedures from the idea of its nose to the idea of its tail. 

While it does determine just how much space your feet need to progress and backwards, for the a lot of part, the length of your board is not as essential as the width or the wheelbase. 

Essentially, as the length of your board modifications, neither standing and carrying out techniques alter excessive in regards to problem. 

Most boards been available in at 28”-32” long. Once you strike around +35” long, you’re reaching into the longboards zone, a conversation for a various day.


A board’s wheelbase is the range from one inner installing hole to another. Wider wheelbases offer more stability and increase the board’s turning radius. Narrower wheelbases aid with sharper turns however have less stability.

Note that if you’re a taller rider, you’ll likely desire a larger wheelbase. Being taller, your center of mass will be greater from the ground. Because of this, having a little bit more stability under you may be valuable. 

Wheel Size

Up next we have wheel size. The size of your wheel affects several elements of skateboarding: your height off the ground, how quickly you roll, and how heavy your board feels. 

As you might think of, smaller sized wheels do smaller sized things. They’re lighter, speed up quicker however have lower leading speeds, and they don’t raise you as high off the ground compared to bigger wheels. 

Mid-sized wheels do medium things. And bigger wheels…well, you understand. 

While bigger wheels offer more speed, they’re more difficult to manage on flip techniques and technical skating. 

Most skateboard wheels today fall in between 52mm-56mm high. Go up and down on this scale and your board’s feel will be impacted as formerly discussed. 

Here’s a visual breakdown for you.

When looking for a board, you’ll either be purchasing a total skateboard or parts. Knowing this, try to find what matches you finest all around. 

If while riding your board you get wheel bite frequently, you might wish to purchase some riser pads. Wheel bite describes when the underside of your board enters into contact with your wheel throughout turns and techniques. 

It can be a genuine discomfort to handle and quite unsafe too. 

To avoid it, think about purchasing riser pads like Bones Skateboard Riser Pads. These will assist you develop more space in between your board and your wheels, therefore avoiding the wheel bite. 

Wheel Durometer

Wheel durometer describes how tough your wheels are with the majority of skateboard wheels falling in between 85a and 105a. 

The firmness of your wheels affects how quick you go, how responsive the board feels to you, and how simple it is to move.

Generally speaking, if you wish to do more technical skating, try to find more difficult wheels. If you choose travelling, softer wheels may fit you much better. Though, if you’re travelling frequently, choosing a cruiser board may be a well-rounded much better option. 

Truck Size

Truck sizes are tough to assess in between various makers. This is since among the 3 primary classifications for truck sizes, that being low, mid, and high, various makers identify each of these various sizes from others.

So rather of getting lost in the sauce, here’s what you wish to concentrate on when considering trucks: Match the width of the external axle to the width of your board. 

Too narrow and you run the risk of having an unsteady board. Too large and you run the risk of kicking your wheels each time you press.

You’re trying to find Goldilocks here. 


Concavity describes the curvature of the board at the nose and tail. Different makers resolve this element of the board in various methods. Some develop boards with a great deal of concave to provide riders more control over their relocations, while others craft boards with less concave which generally assists with stability at the expense of less flip help. 

Once once again, it’s primarily a matter of option. 

So consider it: What do you desire?


Choosing the best size skateboard doesn’t need to be brain surgery. Mostly, you simply need to keep in mind how high you are, how huge your feet are, and what your main design will be.

After that, finding out the little information like how huge you desire your wheels or just how much concave you desire in your deck, will assist customize your choices to your requirements even further.

For more details on discovering the very best skateboard size for you, take a look at this video here.

It’ll provide you some insight into the method choices and physique affect optimum board sizes.

Other than that, you need to have an excellent concept of what to try to find when searching. 

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